Banilla Chia Pudding Cups

If you been living under a rock in the past few years, you may only know of one purpose for chia seeds: the Chia Pet. Come to find out, Chia seed is actually a super-food and is a powerhouse of health benefits including omega fatty acids, clean plant-based protein, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants up the wazoo. Its becoming a household ingredient in baked goods, cereals/granolas/oatmeals, snack bars, smoothies, breads, as salad toppers and more. When exposed to liquid, chia expands, forming into gel-like balls. They are reminiscent to tapioca balls but with a crunch. You may have recently seen Chia Pods in the yogurt or snack section of your local grocery store. Though I love this company and the product they sell, they are rather pricey at $3-5/cup. It is much cheaper (and can be organic) to make your own in bulk! Here is my favorite flavor to make:

Banilla Chia Pudding Cups

organic white or black chia seeds

almond milk or coconut milk (I prefer either homemade, ones from your local juice bar, 365 WFs brand organic)

very ripe organic bananas (the more spotted the better, 1 per every few servings)

actual vanilla beans (I love Wilderness Poets brand vanilla bean powder)

sweetener of choice: raw honey, coconut nectar, maple syrup (I like using coconut nectar the best)

cinnamon (powdered or fresh cracked)

optional: a teaspoon or so of organic cacao powder for a chocolate-banana taste!

General Directions

Blend your choice of milk with your bananas, a pinch of vanilla, some cinnamon and a little sweetener (and cacao if your adding that). I like to use a stick blender with a stainless bowl or malt cup for this. Now add your chia seeds. Ratio is very important here. I find a ratio of about 1 chia: 3-4 liquid works best. Mix with a spoon, and let sit for at least 20 minutes stirring as needed. If there is too much liquid, add more chia and let sit longer. If there is too much chia, add more milk. Stir again, top with cinnamon and enjoy. Can be stored in fridge in portions (pictured – and these glass storage containers work great for this).

These can be made in all different flavors. Perfect for a sweet tooth!

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