There are certain tools in my kitchen that I am lost without. Just like fashion, some are a splurge/investment, and some a steal! Here are 10 of my current favorite tools, most of which I believe to be essential.

10 Favorite Cooking Tools2

  1. Vitamix Blender – The King of all blenders. At $259-$649, it better be right? This blender craps on all else. One caveat, plastic container. They need to get on that glass train. They also have a great warranty and customer service. You get what you pay for! This will last you. Any good quality blender is going to cost you a few hundred bucks so you might as well get the good one.
  2. Cuisinart Stick Immersion Blender – Can’t take the plunge with a Vitamix? This blender runs around $30, is the easiest to clean, and does smoothies, soups, and sauces just like the big boys do. (Note: it comes with a plastic mixer cup, but I like to buy one of those steel milkshake malt mixing cups in a tall size to mix in. Ive also used steel bowls and Pyrex.
  3. Kyocera Ceramic Knives – These make chopping SO easy. Just watch them on plates, bones, and pits. (BTW, don’t even try other brands, this one is the best) ~$20+/ea.
  4. J.A. Henckels Ceramic Cookware – Safer non-stick pans, mostly stainless steel, which is rare for a non-stick pan. They run $40-$130/piece. I like them better than all other ceramic pans thus far. $40 & up.
  5. Nut Milk Bag – I make my almond milk with this but it is not just for nut milk. You can use it for juice, coffee, yogurt, broths and other stuff too. ~$10.
  6. Steel Grill Basket – For grilling chopped veggies without losing them through the cracks. ~$15+.
  7. Glass Storage Containers – I absolutely hate plastic and I avoid it at all costs. These storage containers clean easy, don’t get that yucky old plastic smell, heat up safely and double as baking dishes. They are sold separately or in sets. $6+/ea.
  8. Extra Large Cutting Board – Theres nothing worse than feeling cluttered in the kitchen. I use an extra large cutting board for all my cutting and chopping and I can still fit it all on the board. There are many brands, but Ive been using this Epicurean one in the larger size. You use the flat side for most things savory and stinky things like onions and garlic. Then use the grooved size for juicy fruit and sweet foods. That way you won’t get onion or garlic scented fruit! Yum. $50-75/board.
  9. Parchment Paper – Not to be confused with wax paper. Parchment is a great alternative to aluminum foil. Exposure to too much aluminum can be toxic so I try to avoid as much as I can. If you can get unbleached, even better. Parchment is easier to use for baking & roasting under 425 degrees. Just watch it at higher temps on the top rack, and don’t broil with it.
  10. All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware – Find yourself replacing your pans every few years? Buy the real deal and you’ll have it for life. Yes, these pans are “lifers”. I’ve had my set for about 7 years now. TIP: They can be expensive, but see it as an investment. Also, TJ Maxx & Marshalls tend to have them at good prices.


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