3 Avocado Dishes That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Clearly, avocados are one of my favorite foods. Its pretty funny considering I don’t remember their existence until I was at least a teenager. There wasn’t exactly an abundance of them in good old upstate NY when I was growing up. These days, they are a staple in so many styles of my cooking from Latin to Asian inspired and even grilled or in desserts. Not just for average guac anymore!

When I moved to LA I learned there were hundreds of avocado varieties, many of them grown right in California. Since then, I’ve tried at least 10 types, my favorites being Zutano, Pinkerton, Fuerte, and Macarthur. I’ll never understand why the Hass variety rules the US grocery market. In my opinion they are smaller, can be chalky, not as tasty, and with a much shorter shelf life than of my favorite types. The kinds I like can live in your fruit bowl for 2 or 3 weeks at times. When was the last time you saw a Hass do that? I’ve never seen one last more than a few days. Sorry to be an avocado snob! No matter the type, they are usually all delicious.

Here are 3 easy avocado recipes to try:

1. Deconstructed Mediterranean Style Guac Appetizer – if you saw my Instagram this week, you saw this picture. I cannot take full credit as I learned this method from a friend a few months ago. Now I can’t stop eating it! Cut an avocado in halves and remove from skin. Put them flat side down on a plate and cut into small cubes. Top with feta crumbles (preferably sheep or goat based), balsamic reduction/vinegar or vinaigrette, chive, sea salt, and black pepper. Serve with crackers or organic corn chips (also Have’a Corn Chips brand are god).

2. Avocado Toast – This simple dish has become a “thing” at even the most popular restaurants and food trucks across the country. In my kitchen, I toast a gluten-free bun, bagel, or bread spread with organic Ghee butter (clarified butter).  Mash a ripe avocado on top, and season with garlic salt, cracked black pepper and cracked red pepper flakes if you like. Then add your choice of toppings. Ideas: chive, micro greens, sprouts, a fried/poached egg, smoked salmon, capers, olive tapenade, herbs, etc. A lot of people like the toast with a salsa, hot sauce or sriracha sauce. Simple, delicious, healthy, and budget friendly!

3. Asian Guac – What can I say – I get bored easily. Thats why I occasionally do an Asian spin on my guacamole. I mix mashed avocado with finely diced red onion, red pepper, cucumber, scallions, a few drops of sesame oil, chili paste to taste, fresh lime juice, and sea salt. Add sesame seeds if it suits you. Serve with organic corn chips or with assorted vegetables. Mine is pictured here with thinly sliced watermelon radish ‘chips’.


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