Food Instagrams You MUST Follow!

I absolutely love Instagram for food inspiration. There is no shortage of it! Here are my current favorite accounts to follow:

1. @HeirloomLA – an LA based catering company that will blow your mind. Their display style is on point. I want every crostini platter, lasagna cupcake, and I find myself trying to get every one to book them for events so I can go.

2. @jamieoliver and @jamiemagazine – I love the rustic and colorful nature of his work. And I can really get behind what he stands for.

3. @hungrybetches – I live vicariously through this Instagram. I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat like it everyday though!

4. @margotalbrezzi – This is my little sister and her skills crap on mine. Shes a FL based private chef. Shes also a trained pastry chef. Pretty much excels at everything she does.

5. @katiedoescatering – This is my mother! See??? Its in the genes. Mom is a NY-based specialty cake and gourmet caterer. You wouldn’t believe how much love goes into her work.

6. @secretsquirrelfood – Super colorful, mouth-watering plant based foods.

7. @halfbakedharvest – Wholesome, vibrant, truly satisfying looking meals.

8. @eatyourdrink – My friend Matt Biancaniello, renowned farmers-market-style cocktail chef. The best drinks I’ve ever had.

9. @erewhonmarket – Basically the best, most organic, healthy grocery store in America. Right here in LA.

10. @thehfm – My local Sunday Farmers Market. Its one of the top 5 in the country.

11. @dinela – Dine LAs IG makes me want to be a food critic. I just want to be the healthier version of Guy Fieri – is it too much to ask????

12. @yumboxlunch – A lunchbox company who has the best ideas for kid lunches (or adults!).

Which other instagrams do you all follow for food inspo? Leave in the comments below!

*All images above are from each entities public Instagram accounts. I do not claim ownership of these photos. I am simply a big fan!

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