If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I constantly mention one of my favorite local LA brands, No Tox. I love everything they put out, but the real star is their aluminum-free deodorant (which I’ve written about here, and here). Getting to the point…I’ve tried over 15 types of non-toxic/cleaner deodorants and not ONE has worked besides this one so think of me as a guru on the subject. Don’t even bother with anything else. No-Tox’s product could be an industry game changer as its pretty much the only one of its kind that is actually effective. What makes it work, you ask? Unlike most versions on the market, It contains an odor-eating bacterial enzyme called saccharomyces ferment. And as the name says, it does not contain ANY aluminum like most mainstream contenders. My favorite of the 9 scents are the Fresh Cucumber Kiwi (great for female 1st timers), Fresh Fig (a sweet and pleasant pine-y scent, unisex), Earl Grey & Bay Leaf (unisex), Rose-Orange, and the Woodsman (a more masculine, fresh, pine/cedar scent, unisex).

BUT DON’T WORRY! You too, can get this product!

If you don’t live in LA, and can’t visit them at one of the many markets they set up shop at, do not fret! I’ve teamed up with No Tox to offer you a promo code for FREE U.S. SHIPPING! Thats right! Spend $30, and get FREE SHIPPING with promo code GGG through August 31, 2015. (Suggestion, take advantage of the free shipping and buy at least 2 or more of the deodorants since I know you’ll love it!) Their lotions, soaps, and spearmint lip balm/chapstick are also favorites of mine.

*By the way, I’m not getting anything from the sale of this product. I truly enjoy spreading knowledge and experience about healthier ways to live and that in itself can be rewarding. I also love promoting local companies who do great things!

* Images via Callie & Sandee at No Tox

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