A Thanksgiving UPDATE: My Hiatus, Health, and Whats Next

As many of you have noticed and inquired about, my blog has not been updated since earlier this summer. Simply put: its been a rough year for me. Between turning 30 years old (sounds easier than it was), and going through some major life changes I decided that I needed time off to get through this crazy time in my life. It felt dishonest to try to be motivational and provide healthy inspiration with my own health in decline and anxiety levels through the roof. I’ve spent many months without an appetite and barely able to eat, which lead to a weakened immune system, frequent sickness, and unhealthy weight loss. Any one who knows me, knows that I do not have a small appetite so this was very unusual for me. In order to keep myself going, I decided to start eating anything and everything I desired or craved – just to eat something. I wasn’t exactly being “Green Gourmet Girl” about it, that’s for sure. Due to the drastic changes in my lifestyle, I have come to find out that I am now vitamin deficient in several forms. Because of this, my dietary needs have changed as they have in the past and I am now eating differently, including more forms of animal protein and even (gasp) vitamins!! While trying to adjust and figure out my life, I just couldn’t fathom putting the little enthusiasm and energy I had into a healthy lifestyle blog. It didn’t feel right.

Through time, acupuncture, lots of friends’ support and visits, traveling, keeping busy, (and maybe a ‘few’ bottles of wine…) – I’m finally on the up. I’m looking forward to getting active on my blog again! I hope to become completely adjusted by the new year. Despite being partially inactive, my blog and Instagram accounts continue to gain followers – and for that I am thankful! Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Couldn’t leave you all hanging. My contribution to this Thanksgivings dinner started off as a “simple” butternut squash soup. Which quickly turned into a curried-apple-cider-butternut squash-soup-with-gruyere-grilled cheese-croutons-and fried sage garnish. Nothing can be easy around here. Check out my social media pages for photos later! Sneak peak:


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