About Kaitlin

Back by popular demand, I’ve started to blog again! I plan to post:

  • food ideas and recipes
  • kitchen tips
  • farmers market and grocery store hauls
  • favorite food/hygiene/household products and reviews
  • restaurant reviews/recommendations, with home base in LA and NY
  • various health topics and news
  • and more!

I am happy to share my passion with you!

Me, in the 80's, at the fridge obviously!
Me, in the 80’s, at the fridge obviously!

I was born in a beautiful town called Saratoga Springs, NY. Growing up, my favorite toy was always my kitchen set! My mother was a waitress and also had her own private catering business. In addition to this gourmet influence on me, she always made sure we ate extremely well, incorporating a variety of plant-based foods in every meal. This was after all, the vegetarian craze of the 90s! I didn’t LOVE it all back then (what kid does), but looking back I realize this laid the foundation for my future interest in nutrition. Because my parents were divorced, I lived with my Dad part of the week too. My Dad is a great cook as well, and prides himself on a fresh garden. My parents always made me try everything, and while I might not have liked it at the time, I think this was very crucial in my developing love for ALL food (take note, parents). After “studying” at SUNY Oneonta in Oneonta, NY, I graduated with a pointless Bachelors Degree in 2007. I moved out to LA on a whim several months later. LA has been really good for me. I was immediately exposed to so much health, so much wellness and AMAZING produce. There was so much less “diet” and so much more “lifestyle” than I had been used to.

I developed a general interest in health and cooking, but it wasn’t until I realized how much my own health had declined that it really turned into a passion. I started having nagging issues…skin problems, allergies/food allergies & sensitivities, hives, stomach and digestive pain, etc. For awhile, I was without health insurance and obsessed with finding the cause of these issues myself to the point it was giving me severe anxiety. I went gluten-free around 2009 hoping to clear up my skin. Though it didn’t really help that issue – I seemed to have dropped 10 pounds overnight (that was NEVER my goal), my digestive discomfort went away, my allergies lightened up. I still remain (mostly) gluten-free until this day, even though I have tested negative for both wheat/gluten allergies and Celiac disease. I personally believe we are all better off without it whether “science” says so or not. As I dove into gluten-free land, I also began to branch out and try foods I wasn’t used to eating back east. After an ER-worthy reaction to a fresh mango, I acquired another fascination: food allergies. I have now figured out (the hard way) that I am actually allergic to 7 foods. Some of which I had been eating for years or my whole existence, and all of which happen to be delicious and healthy…such is life.

I’ve lived the past 5 years reading different books, watching documentaries, following food politics, trying various approaches to health. In the past few years, I finally feel like I’m at a relaxed, happy medium that works for me. I eat what my body wants. I still have good quality animal protein when I feel like it. I figured out I can eat goat or sheep-based cheese without the stomach ache like typical cow-based cheeses though I still eat those occasionally. I drink wine. I cram fruits and vegetables into everything I make, because I love them and why not? I love a green smoothie every morning. I only work out a few days a week because that’s what I’m comfortable with. I care less about my weight, more about my general well-being. I want to encourage others to take care of themselves in this way. It should not have to be about restriction/suffering, calorie/carb/fat counting, and other exhausting “90’s diet trends” as I call them.

Health doesn’t have to be bland or boring. We can eat everything we want, but even better.


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